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Opening during holydays

We are family restaurant and  we go for a holiday, then we close our restaurant,
and our holiday is from 20th December 2015 to 8th January 2016 and the restaurant will be closed during that time.

Have a lovely time

Reservation for 2016

Due to many interested costumers, we would like to say that we start confirming and booking tables for 2016 in the coming December. Best regards
Best regards Arnr˙n and Fri­rik V

We care about our customers

Our restaurant seats 32 persons and we do not double-book so we need to prepare our evenings carefully.
We would like to thank our customers for understanding and respecting our confirmation culture.
It gives us the chance to prepare appropriately for your visit and make your stay more personal. 

We also appreciate you giving us your phone number in case we need to contact you for further information.
We serve only set menus of three or five surprise courses prepared daily ( ) so it is vital for us to know of any allergies or sensitivities our guests have so we can prepare in advance, as you know, we use only the freshest ingredients available every season so we do not have a back-up stock.

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Fri­rik V pops up in London

The last weekend in October 2015, a restaurant with Fri­rikĺs V ideology will be open in London.

First class Icelandic raw materials, will be served i.e. a five course surprise menu with selected drinks.

This is what is better known as Pop-up restaurant and is known all over the world. So Fri­rik V pops up three nights in London, at A_SPACE, where there is also a nice art gallery.

Fri­rikĺs V speciality is that the restaurant does not have a┤la carte menu. Instead guests are invited to a surprise trip, where the chefs make a magical evening from the freshest ingredients from Iceland.

Fri­rik V will pop-up in:


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